Creating a Datastore via FreeNAS

Hello Guys!

We are going to create NFS datasotre via FreeNAS on our ESXI.

First step we are going to do some changes on FreeNAS

Storage>Pools> (I’m gonna pick that) pool2> Add Dataset  (This is the step creating a volume for our datastore)

After that  Sharing>Unix(NFS) Shares> Add  NFS share needs to be mounted




From below section, we need to add our ESXI hosts which we want to use it. (Authorized Networks and Ip Address )

I strongly recommend to give host base access rather then given access for all network… (Like here:


Now time to add NFS shares on ESXI





New datastore now is added to our host. Now we need to do same steps for all hosts. Do not forget that IP Storage type of all changes needs to be done one by one for each host device.


Additional information;

If you got a Fibre Channel Storage , same process can be done via zoning. Cluster and FC Zoning & Storage Mapped all hosts can see the datastore automatically.

I hope you guys like that post, please let me know if you have any question!

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