Best Practices for Your Fault Domains in vSAN Clusters VMware vSphere 6.5

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I just picked a nice topic for this lazy Sunday night! As we have done some vSAN configurations previously, it just came up to my mind to have this topic today, so do we know what is fault domain in vSAN? It is very helpful protection way to keep vSAN cluster spans across multiple racks or blade server chassis.

My best practices notes for this subject;

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How to Create & Configure a VMware vSAN

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Today we are going to install VSAN on 3 node system. VSAN will be using vmkernel ports therefore we need to activate VSAN on vmkernel ports.

What is VSAN?

VSAN is allowing us to use our local disk drives as network based storage blocks. As this is first step for HA (High Availability) it is giving as an option for shared storage.


Before we start installation, we have to go each host to activate VSAN. I am suggesting to use VSAN on another network to isolate.And finally I strongly suggest that change; Jumbo Frame is coming as 1500 default, if you change that to 9000 it will help increase package size and it will help performance wise. Continue reading “How to Create & Configure a VMware vSAN”

How to Define Vmware Overwrite Gateway?

What is Overwrite Gateway?  Where we can use it?

We use to use CLI console (ESXI 6.0) to set up some of the features to work on different subnets. (NFS, ISCSI, Vmotion etc.) and we were using manual routing via this CLI console. After ESXI 6.5 system allowed us to do to this changes from Vcenter.

It will help us to isolate management and vmkernel networks and it will give us additional security layer as well as also performance too.

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Vmware Vsphere 6.5 Esxi DNS Server, Hostname & Time Server Configurations.

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I am planning to explain and show how to configure DNS and Time Server (NTP)

But have you think why this is so important?

With previous editions of ESXI systems (6.0) DNS was not such an important topic to think about it and we used to use windows based Vcenter host file, where we use host files on it and kind of fake DNS was our solution. After Vcenter become famous and also people were not Linux expert (Linux not as easy as like Windows OS) to setup host file…So that was my first reason to have proper records to have strong and proper system set up. . .

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