How to Define Vmware Overwrite Gateway?

What is Overwrite Gateway?  Where we can use it?

We use to use CLI console (ESXI 6.0) to set up some of the features to work on different subnets. (NFS, ISCSI, Vmotion etc.) and we were using manual routing via this CLI console. After ESXI 6.5 system allowed us to do to this changes from Vcenter.

It will help us to isolate management and vmkernel networks and it will give us additional security layer as well as also performance too.

Let’s have a look how we are going to make it;



We can do this steps on current Vswitch, but unfortunately it is not we can not do that way. I am going to make a new Vswtich in order to be closer to realistic way Smile

Let’s assume that management switch is working on 1Gbps switch and I am going to move that switch on 10Giga Network.



I’m gonna get both NIC’s here


According to my LAB. I’m getting VLAN 14




That’s it ! I must say that Vsphere 6.5 makes life easier with this lots of new functions !


Now I’m going to do same on the other vm



I hope, it can be helpful for you guys !

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