Vmware Vsphere 6.5 Esxi DNS Server, Hostname & Time Server Configurations.

Hello Guys!

I am planning to explain and show how to configure DNS and Time Server (NTP)

But have you think why this is so important?

With previous editions of ESXI systems (6.0) DNS was not such an important topic to think about it and we used to use windows based Vcenter host file, where we use host files on it and kind of fake DNS was our solution. After Vcenter become famous and also people were not Linux expert (Linux not as easy as like Windows OS) to setup host file…So that was my first reason to have proper records to have strong and proper system set up. . .

Other important subject is if we are trying to get resolving a name and if that is via FQDN , or getting latest updates from update managers etc. so mainly , DNS is important I would like to suggest that Do Not Miss !!! CIFS, CRM , AD types of applications are time relates and it might cause issues during the process if time is not correct.

So let’s start with DNS Configuration;



And now Time Server configuration;



It’s easy one but it is important one. Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks for reading!

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