ESXI Distributed Switch Configuration

Hello !

As I promised, I am carrying on with Distributed Switch subject which is such a lovely feature on vmware enviroment !

I got some VLAN’s in my test lab so let’s start with those ones first;




We can pick the one version which we want to use (basically this is usually good for older versions of host devices) it is supporting these older versions !


I am going to use two uplink, you guys can increase the amount according to your needs;



In this screen (below) we are going to choose how we want to setup our distributed switch;


I set two uplink for this d-swtich and I can only set two network interface per host machine, now I am going to set each host’s uplink 1 and uplink2



If you wish to make vmkernel port group and manage, you can follow the below steps. ( I personally do not suggest that and I am not going to be doing it for my test lab.)


Distributed switch is ready now ! now time to move VLAN13 and the VM (VM1 virtual machine) on Distributed Switch;


Firstly I am going to create VLAN13 on distributed swtich. If you do not want to deal with that you can easily get this done via PowerCLI which will help you to create vlan on current host devices. I am going to make another post for this subject and now going to use longer manual way to get it done.


This is important that new VLAN name has to be different so I am going to put (-) in the middle at least understand which is matching with which one


s Most important part at the below screenshot is VLAN ID and NUMBER OF PORTS! VLAN ID has to be correct for access and number of ports going to show vitrual port number. Which means we will have 8 port on VLAN13 network. This can be defined that this network can handle 4 VM’s each of the VM’s got two network card or 8 VM’s with 1 network card on each of it. We can change the methods via changing VM amount and Network cards but the way it works 8 port will be active with this configuration. (According to below screen shot.)

I am always suggesting that you plan your network, according to network infrastructure; it can be helpful to think wider. 


Now we have the VLAN and going to move that on distributed swtich;



Gogin to click on Specific Network (browse)


Now I am going to choose VLAN13 from here;


After that I am going to choose where I would like to move;(That is the one which we made it VLAN-13)


Now we will see the VM’s which we would like to migrate;



During the migration, there is a little time out happening but it is definitely not cutting off whole traffic, so nothing to worry about it!


I hope you guys enjoyed with my post, if you got any questions in your mind please ping me anytime you want !

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