Vmware Vsphere 6.5 Cluster Installation Part 3- Vcenter Appliance Installation

Hello guys!

We are going to install and configure Vcenter for our ESXI hosts. It will bring us perfect benefits such as HA, DRS, FT, VSAN etc. I am trying to not give too much and too deep details, as I would like to give each required detail to different topics in order to share with you guys.

Right, now time for the questioning that, Why do we need to prefer Vcenter Appliance? Let me give my answers (Personal opinions)

1- It is saving a lot when it comes to software licensing.

2- Because of Linux based OS, there is no risk to get any virus or malware in to the whole system or any risk of upgrading OS or incompatibility of the versions etc.

3- .Being able to make config back up, if you have any problem with system so you can make clean installation and put config back up in to the system which will allow you again back to previous settings.

4- Being able to make Vcenter Cluster

5- Update Manager comes with it. (Windows has same feature but needs to install additionally)

So those 5 reason well enough for me to choose it.

PS: Vmware does not recommend to run Vcenter where you manage the system so it is not going to be best practice installation. And if you wish to migrate anything, system will give you an error, it has to be standalone ESXI in order to bypass this type of errors.

I am going to set my DNS A records for my vcenter , I am going to make same configuration for ESXI servers.


You will see “vcsa-ui-installer” under the Vcenter Appliance folder, please follow win32>installer file to start installation



In this section we have the option to install services, it can be use for massive organizations but my personal opinion up to 100 physical server enviroment we can get Single Embeded   Platform Services Controller. (System allow us to use it like this too.)


Now I am going to configure access details in this section, we will get Certificate Warning just clist YES on the message.


This is the section where we are going to set Vcenter’s root password. Once installation completed we are going to use Vcenter’s own SSO and it will be our management password to manage entire system.


This section will allow us to choose best size for our Vcenter. It will be different for all other hardware specs.


We are going to choose which datastore we are going to use for this installation. I am going to pick my NFS Datastore which is previously mounted by me.


Here is for IP and Network details, I am going to use my configuration;


Now it will give us final details of our configuration;


This is just a screen where it says vm is ready and installation is still in progress;



Now we are going to give our NTP server details, I am going to give my Domain Controller’s IP address and I am going to enable SSH.


SSO settings are might be a bit complicated for new starters (We are going to make another sections to show how to set AD log in) Let’s note this details as we will need to use when we are going to login.



Now asking for final confirmation,


Yessss, all done now!

We are ready to log in to complete all other configuration


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