Vmware Vsphere 6.5 Cluster Installation Part 2 ESXI Installation & Configuration

Hello guys!

My previous post was regarding a classic ESXI installation and I made this installation twice for second ESXI Host. Now we are going to configure IP addresses for these two hosts and we will make it accessible.

I am going to give and IP addresses to the ESXI hosts, after Vmware 6.x version, DNS registry become very important. DNS registry settings also important for Vcenter too! Let’s get this done via our Active Directory as you see below.


Now we are going to ESXI host and going to make some changes from here, Let’s press F2 and get in to the host via root password.



Network Adapters – We are going to choose our management network card, from the physical network cards. It is usually showing up as vmnic0, vmnic1 etc.

VLAN – If you have alocate a VLAN for management, you can configure your VLAN tag from this menu.

IPv4 Configuration> Host management IP address can be define from here, now we are going to use only that option.


I am going to give my Host’s IP address as you see below;


Now we should be able to get management console without Vsphere client from this address:


From the below management console, we could do many configuration to manage our ESXI host, but I am only going to configure host name and DNS settings all can be done via Vcenter too.

We are also going to add shared storage for this ESXI host machines. ( I have previously done this via NFS protocol but I am also going to  make another part to show hot to do that.)


To make DNS and IP configuration;


That is our configuration;


Two datastore already set, but as I mentioned, I am going to show this datastore (NFS Protocol) config too!


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