How to add AD Authentication in vCenter 6.5?

Hello Guys,

This weekend we are going to configure AD/LDAP authentication on vCenter 6.5

It is very good feature where you can keep eye on your site settings in your domain and give specific permissions to specific people rather then using root account (Which is not ideal to have root account accessible for users…)

Let’s start to configure the first part AD connection with vcenter appliance;

Domain is belong to my previous company so to respect their name I’ll be closing full domain name for this post Winking smile




We got 4 different options as you see above, we are choosing the one we want (most useful one).


We need to be sure domain name and Base DN users/groups are named correctly!

After that connection is completed and we have complete the first step of the integration between AD and Vcenter.

Now we are going to define a permission for user also it will give us options to pick LEVEL of the permissions where we can be sure what they can and what than can not.







Now we are testing to login via AD account;


and we are able to log in with AD account to Vcenter !


Please let me know if you got any questions during the set up or any questions you got related to this topic !

Thank you !

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